Bloomfield Road, Bath

Rathbourne was appointed as the Project Manager for the construction of a 2400sqft, SIP paneled timber framed, three storey, modern property. The construction of this fantastic property was challenging from the off-set. A massive cut exercise was required, into a very steep hill, with restricted machinery access. The client had very strong ideas of the building materials he wanted to use and so liaising with suppliers, architects, engineers and the interior designer was imperative. The specialised materials needed careful forethought. Rathbourne had to consider how they were all going to function and collaborate with the strong structural design AND deliver the client the very strong exterior look that was required.
The cut exercise required a huge amount of Shoring to hold the external bank in place whilst the ground works were prepared for the structural Polar wall system to be constructed and concrete poured. Once this element was completed the concrete BB floor was installed and the SIPS system was delivered and erected in a 10 day turn-around, Once felt and battened, screeds were laid, windows and doors installed the first electrical fixes could commence. It was then over to the interior designer team for the internal finishing program. A challenging project but one that Rathbourne will always be very proud to be associated with. A modern, sophisticated build, in a beautifully historical city!